Hello world!

This is my first post or in a more appropriate term  “my birth into the blogging world”

🙂 ( rather late i would say !!!!)

Anywho, lately i have been missing my mum so much, that it made me realise how lucky i am that she is only a phone call away. what a pleasure knowing  i can speak to her when ever i feel like it.  However, this cannot be said for those who have not been fortunate enough to know/ grow up with /may have lost their mother.

In regardless of what the circumstance may be, there is still this unexplainable love between a mother and her child.  Love so pure and intense which will never ever disappear.  Even in health/sickness/death a mother’s mind is constantly thinking about her little baby……..

I recently found this song on youtube “A Mother’s Prayer”  – Rachel Aldous

OMG, i totally loved it.  i have be playing  it non stop, i wont be surprised if  someone comes knocking on my door for me to turn it off……hehhe…

Consciously i think……

when a child is born he/ she   reveals God wonders in the land of the living. A new birth creates some sort of  blessings upon the life of the child’s parents, and clears  the fear of this hurricane  world  we live in.

I also want to say to…..

those  expecting/ have a child/”ren”, God has created  this new life to be a blessing unto you.


those who may have  lost a child, please be strengthened in knowing that the Lord knows the plans he has for us even before we were formed in our mother’s womb. He is not a God of sorrow but a God of light,life and love.


those who still have a mother/s, love on your mother like never before because she is so precious.


those who have lost a mother/s, you have only lost her physically because she is always with you in spirit and in truth.

All this inspired me to write this little poem……..

My Reflection on the importance of a “Mother’s Prayer” – BY Dstoudio Inc

A guiding light, speaking truth over my every subsistence,

Uttering words filled with faith on my soul’s very existence

She boldly speaks, commanding wealth and my prosperity quick appearance

As she constantly prays in “Jesus name”,  i will be fruitful  with no life disappearance

Through changing scenes in my life and my continuous stubborn resistance

I find a haven in her arms, plus my “mother’s prayer”  works to protect my earthly existence.

I could be a pain sometime but I Love you mama!!!!!

Happy mothers day xXXX Mrs P.I Egigba

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