Write it down and make it happen

Hey hey, my lovelies….

I am back and have finally dropped the extreme workload/stressed mood that has been with me over the last few months. Thus to cure my extremely high stress levels, I went away on holiday recently and I absolutely loveeed it… so MIMI is relaxed and refreshed.com…… however I am back to the real world now…. So it is BACK TO WORK.COM… lolll

I have a little confession;*whispering** I am a recovering SHOEAHOLIC (phew… now I can breath). My womanly passion for shoes almost outweighs my love for anything else (well apart from MY LOVE FOR GOD and food). Never mind the fact that I actually own a million pairs (I wish… but I do own quite a number of shoes) I still give myself an excuse to buy one more pair …talking about new shoes … I actually need a new pair for work …Pen out … *Writing on note pad*… NOTE TO SELF… need new shoes for work …. Lolll…

I also have this obsession of writing stuff down anywhere possible… be it my goals/ future and present plans, shopping list… To do list…how to take over the world list…hehehe….. you name it I have a list for it…and more or less I am likely to scribble it down on something…

I previously stumbled on a book review video on YouTube of a Henriette Anne Klauser, author of Write it Down, and Make it Happen. (hmmm…) *I absolutely loved reading that book***…… Now, the idea is that by externalising your wishes, you create a mechanism for bringing your wishes to you. Well to me, this is not an abstract theory, but it is based on evidence and is actually backed up by biblical utterance as well….

For several years, I have been writing down that I am a blessed beyond measure plus I have also written down things I aim to accomplish during my existence on MOTHER EARTH. To my greatest shock… things I wrote down a couple of years back and even at the start of 2012, are all coming to pass at this very point in my life. To be honest I have to pinch myself a couple of times just to make sure I am not dreaming.

Looking through my notes from years back plus the things that I wrote down at the start of this year…… I can boldly confirm that every single thing I wrote down is what is happening right now (scary…) …

Thus I certainly support arguments that if you let it be known what you want, you are more likely to achieve it. This has been TRIED, TESTED and ACHIEVED by MOI!!!!… The honest truth is, on a number of occasions and against all the odds, goals I previously wrote down with a timeline deadline have now materialised and are still materialising. In addition things I have ticked off my list, all materialised ON TIME!!!!!

So PEEPS … write it down – you might make it happen for you. Please join me on this amazing journey documenting how God makes things happen… However you NEED to WRITE IT DOWN and constantly review your list……YOU ‘VE GOT TO KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE BALL BABYYY !!!.. HEHE

Let me know how all the stuff you have written down on your list is being tick off one by one….*come on PEOPLE ….let’s DO THIS !!!! Xxxx

More rant to come soon

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