It is all getting a bit “too much”

It is all getting a bit …Too much …

Lately I have been getting messages thanking me for my scribbles on this blog 🤗.#thankyou

One particular message encouraged me big time and I am happy that I can motivate someone with my words, which to be honest are thoughts that go through this special head of mine lol.

Recently,I have been floating in a season of “too much” and to think that by me sharing my thoughts is lifting someone else is simply amazing xxx

Now I hear you say, what the heck does she mean by “too much”! Well let me tell you what “she” is trying to say🤪

We live in times of “too much”… a season where demand is much greater than supply. Daily we deal with “too much” information …#socialmedia… “too much”… debt/financial commitments …. “too much”… on our schedules … “too much” … on the home front …. “too much”… relationship/ family stress …”too much”… focus on “too much” 🤗lol ….

When I am in that season of “too much”, I tend to focus on things that are not important. Things that pull me down physically , emotionally and mentally!!! I start evaluating my potential on the basis of my experiences. I even end up not being productive and wallow in self pity. One of the biggest things that suffers is my creativity because mr “too much” is messing with my head. Which leads me to send opportunities away because i feel i don’t have the resources to do it / I am too busy/i am not good enough to give my full potential… or I simply can’t be asked!!! Phew!… (see how the enemy wants to be playing stupid loll) the list is long and if you let me I can go on for a while lolll

But come o!!! am I the only one on this table ? Does this happen to you as well?

For me not to loose my sanity due to Mr “too much” I do the “Do you trust me now” test. I say to myself , MAMIE you can’t control how people choose to treat you, you are not in charge of the calendar of events in your life because when God says it is enough … Mr “too much” has got to GO!!! . MAMIE don’t sweat it sis!!… it is weird I actually look in the mirror and speak to “she” … Infact I slap “she” in the face and say … stay with me sis hahaha . “She”=”Me” just in case u are confused lol

Trust him .. he is the bread of life .. he is your rock in that dessert …. your past doesn’t define you but rather moulds you to be the GREAT you .. there is nothing that is impossible when you put your trust in God … and take ONE day at a TIME …. (speaking to myself here).

Today I pray for you, I pray for me , I pray for us that God will give us the strength and courage to stand and see the end of our season of “too much”.

Have a Fabio day xoxo

Ps I have been up since 2am …and now it is 5am… it is so going to be an interesting day at work today . Wish me luck hahahah

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  1. It does get too much sometimes but you know what we are strong by His grace. Sometimes we need to take a step back and reevaluate this “Mr too much”. Why, where and what is he doing hanging around so we can kick his butt! Hope your day has been with few yawns 😀. Try get some beauty sleep tonight 😀

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