Unload your emotional Baggage

Hey Hey… decided to do …. a blog update since I am on my lunch break at work and feeling a bit inspirational ….. Sad right … lunch break should be what the label says ….LUNCH and Take a BREAK… thus to eat your lunch and escape from the stress of work for a few minutes… O well…. I guess I am trying to show my dedication to this blog writing saga… besides I have loads of things to download off *my precious* (in the voice of Gollum (semegol) of the lord of the rings) brain plus and I am sure there is some lovely person *yeah you* out there who enjoys reading my little effort to make sense of this world we live in.. Or maybe my world of made up fantasies … *heheh* …

Talking about stress…..why does Monday feel so stressful… OMG… I am only just trying to recover from my weekend of blissful sleep and rest…. And now Monday strolls in and spoils everything….*shame on you Monday* …why do you make me feel so worked up and emotional *…… When I think of Monday *with a sad smiley face* I think anger and resentment (the joy of my weekend has come to an abrupt end) …Hold on… Wait a sec… I actually do not know why I am so emotional about Mondays….. ‘Me thinks’ Monday is more or less an emotional baggage I need to unload.

Emotions are powerful motivators, and more than anything else in our lives will drive our behaviour. Sometimes our greatest challenge is getting into our heads to understand what makes us tick and why we feel and behave the way we do………(*** saying *child*…in the best American accent I can fake whilst waving my hands in the air ) I so suffer from this…. Hehehhe…

Hmmm….. *question to self… Why do I dislike Mondays so much *…… I guess it is because I have to get off my lazy back side and go to work plus the joy of lazing about the whole weekend is over…….

On a more serious note highly motivated and positive people are focused. They have their minds clear, energy levels high.(* Can I hear a .. THAT’S ME**) and do not let their emotions rule them.

Therefore * standing upright with a firm face* in essence what am trying to say is that the many things that can hold you back and prevent you from becoming all you can be… is ……. *drum roll*….. Emotional Baggage…..

I hear you say… What the heck is emotional baggage… well in my view, that suitcase consist of Anger and Resentment – which is like cancer, if left untreated puts an invisible ceiling on your future.

Then you have un-forgiveness – “which is the key that locks the handcuffs of hate”

Then you have fear… (Now that is my weakness). Fear of the unknown, fear of the known, fear of what to know, fear of what NOT to know,
Fear of being alone, fear of NOT being alone,
Fear of having enough, fear of NOT having enough
Fear to take the next step in life, fear to aim high and be the best you are capable of being.* trust me I could go on…heheh*

Guess what if you allow all these fears go in skin-deep, it will prevent a lot of things happening in your life. It messes up you head and sips down into your
mind /thinking destroying whatever form of sanity/motivation/joy/peace you may have thus causing you to focus on the insignificant many and not the significant few therefore allowing the things that matter most be at the mercy of things that matter least. ** I am on a roll here… heheh*

Now this is the stage where you need to unload that baggage FAST!!! Because if you don’t it will wear you down and eventually destroy you.

Unload that baggage by the power of forgiveness thereby unlocking the handcuff of hate. Trust me when you do, u will feel so much better…In addition you can empty that emotional baggage by having the FEAR of nothing, “do not be anxious about anything but in every situation by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving present your request to God and the peace of God which transcends all understanding will guard your heart and your mind”. (Philippians 4:6) …*trying to get my preach -on… heheh*

I believe, as I have grown older and *hopefully wiser* I have come to the understanding that knowledge is power, power that gives you the self confidence to make difficult choices in life and to stay positive in times of adversity. Plus the good thing is that in life we have the choice to embrace what we can not change about the past and face the fact we also can’t change the inevitable. However, the only thing we can do is play our role by unloading our emotional baggage and wait to see the manifestation of GOD in our lives. I hope this blesses some one…

Please stay tuned … more rant to come !!!!

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