“Elshaddia”… Who!!! What!! Where!!

Hey hey…. What a morning!!! I Looked outside and felt a bit upset as to Why i had to wake up so early considering I didn’t get much sleep last night due to my self inflicted insomnia #I really need to quit caffeine#

OMDZZ!!…Then you have this miserable cold rainy Manchester weather plus the fact I had to get on a 6am train for a 4 hr journey to work…arrhhhhh!!! … Lol…. I guess I just have to suck it up and just look forward to having a lovely day…*smiley face*

Waking up this morning all I could think of was the word EL- SHADDAI… My body was trying to dwell in the unhappiness of waking up so early but MY MIND was FIXED on that word El-shaddai…. And as much as my body wanted to have a miserable morning; MY mind wanted peace… Peace from above… Peace from MY El-shaddai.

El-shaddia is my lord and my king, from age to age he is still the same. Come rain come sun, his name is the most powerful word one can ever think of. Through his love, he saved me. Through the power of his hand he turned the sea into dry land. That is why I lift his name high, I magnify and glorify him because if I did not have him, I have absolutely nothing.

Now this is the gist I want to let you in on; God has your every move documented and would never let anything harm you. Please be encouraged and ensure you decide to have a wonderful day even though the odds are stacked up against that happening….

Love ya plenty peeps and remember u are more than able to accomplish all you set out to do today.. xoxoxoxo

More rant to come … Please stay tuned..


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