Friends and Pain

Hey hey… lovely people… I am back aaaahhh… * with hands raised high up*… hehehe…….Right, I guess you are wondering what I am on about with this title… “Friends and Pain”… like … what is this combination all about? First I need to put a disclaimer here…… * I aint in no PAIN (all you Mr. & Mrs. ITK’s)… and plus I LOVE all my friends… (You included)… hehehe… Now with that out of the way … let the #blogmister# begin with all her theories… hehehehe….

Well I will let you in on a little secret… Good friends are hard to find. But once found… you experience such joy in the relationship… However, if you happen to mix with  wrong people, friends that is. OMDzzzz … they can cause you so much pain and heart ache. A true friend is someone who can make us do what we can do. When faced with the struggles in life, all we need is some help in one way or another….don’t we? We sure do.

I have met a lot of people in my little time on this earth (“hehe…I hear my inner voice saying… little… yeah right…. Girl you are mega old… so don’t even trick yourself… hehehe”) but I have never met anyone who doesn’t occasionally have fears and self doubt. Now…the question is not if you are going to have fears but rather how do you react to it? One of the most critical issues in maintaining a positive attitude during adversity is to have positive people around you to whom you can turn to.

Over the past twenty something years, I have experienced many peaks and valleys and have usually turned to trusted friend when times got the toughest. When I say trusted friends… I mean people I look up to…..some of these people I have never even met but they are part of my life because I read/watch/listen to them on a regular…#yeah I know what you are thinking… stalker right… hehehe#.

Number one on my list are my two bestos… Miss E and E.…. These girlies are the most wonderful human begins you will ever meet. I have known them since my uni days and have always depended on them to speak from their heart. I consider them as soul mates (* Now …Miss E and E… make una no get the wrong idea ooo… hehehehe)…

Next is MR C. E…. now I have never meet him before but have spoken to him a lot… he is such a great listener and his enthusiasm is always contagious. No matter the situation, his words always gave me courage and strength to fight every battle. Despite the status quo…MR C.E, you will always be MY Big Brother..xxx.

And then you have some of my dearest sisters, friends, pastors and authors ( the likes of Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyer)….wow.. All I can say is that I have learnt so much from these people. In life and business, a lot of successful people have leaned on their valued relationships for strength. For example, Fred Smith – the founder of federal express exhausted his savings and money from investors trying to save FedEx in 1974. He was ready to give everything up but when he had a meeting with a senior bank chairman whom he developed a friendship with, all that changed. This man kept saying to Fred “All things are possible to him who believes” (mark 9 .23). With that Fred found renewed strength to fight for his dreams… and as I would normally say… the rest is History…

I picked up a book recently; The servant leader – it says we all need “truth – tellers” in our lives; Which I believe is so true. Trusted relationships provide our greatest opportunities to stay positive, to stay focused and to grow…. Thus I suggest you take a stock check on those who you call FRIENDS and get it realigned or watch your destiny crumble in front of your very eyes xxxxxx.

Please stay tuned … more rant to come….

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