Happy new year

It has been a minute since I last updated my blog. How cruel right , just when me and my baby (blog ) where getting it on big time. Lolll

O well I am here now to give my final two cents on the year 2012 .

2012 has been a fantastic year. I moved to a new city, started a new job plus getting married to the greatest man ever.

2012 had its ups and downs but I am so grateful to God for provision, protection and enabling me experience days of heaven on earth .

Now as 2013 is fast approaching , I am prepped and have enormous plans which by Gods grace I will accomplish .

Thus I pray that in 2013 you will be filled with the knowledge of Gods will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding concerning your life. God has great things for your life and I pray that they will all come to life in 2013 in Jesus name . Amen . Have a wonderful NEW YEAR

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