I love him so much!!!

*Running erratically with arms stretched out wide* happy new year bloggie woggie…. I promise to be your bestie this year… It has been declared it will be our year of open doors baby!!!! Whoop whoop!!!! ( Ps. Don’t be alarmed I do treat my blog as a person thus why we have our little chit chats now and again ….Hehehe)

Hello peeps, this is my first blog update in 2013… About time too. . Hehe . I am sure just like moi, most of you have made some new year resolutions to do -” 1,2&3″ … realistic or non achievable .. We still make them don’t we …hmmm .

Well for a change I have set myself just the one goal which is to fall deeper in love with Christ. Like DEEPER!!!!! It is as simple as because where your heart is where your treasure is. Thus if my heart is with God, u can imagine what treasures I will find …hmm .. This year I am going to finish BIG because I am maturing in the ways of the Lord.

Therefore I encourage you to fall in love with the one who has got what you need to survive on this place we call earth—–his name is JESUS CHIRST xxx. Trust me you will never regret it.

train stop – WORK!!! Have a fabio day peeps xoxo


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