Self- Reflection

Hey peeps, it has been too long since my last blog update eh!!!!!!! I think I need to have a serious talk to my blogging self about this issue of laziness … Heheheehe…

*Anywho*….. Hope everyone is doing great…. I woke up pretty early this sunday morning….. reflecting on a lot of things….. (reflecting is good…. It puts one’s mind in FOCUS mode) and one of the things that stuck in my mind is how grateful I am to God for allowing me experience certain things in my life thus far …. Experience in my opinion kinda shapes the person you become… Sometimes good….. Sometimes bad… I know I am not perfect yet but experience has highlighted my perfections and imperfections for me to work on…..

God allows you go through things to equip you ,prepare you and give u experiences you can not get in a book. Through that journey it is amazing the level of peace you might find. However in finding peace, you may need to sacrifice things which you feel you can’t live without. Thus the question I ask is… God how do I let go… His answer to me is alway “Until you step into the water, the water will not divide”. In essence
what you celebrate you become because your desire presides your ability. Deep right!!!!!

My prayer for US all is that The Lord will help US use all what WE have to take US to where God wants US to be. Have a lovely Sunday peeps xoxoxox

More rant to come


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