How to improve your wealth , health and happiness

Hey guys ……. welcome back to my channel … blog…. post… write up …. πŸ˜‹

My mind is such a battle field that I wonder how my brain copes with all the information I give it hahahha……. I often hear people say health is wealth …. and this is sooo true ……..

let me share my story with you ….. a certain event happened in my life ….. and boy!!!! it made me take a long good look at my broken life window…. and to be honest I was not happy with the results I got……

I told myself …. “mamie you can NOT continue like this” …..

As a result I decided to focus more on improving my wealth, health and happiness …. not by only just saying I will but by also taking actions to get me to where I want to be ….. it is so easy to self motivate and do absolutely nothing about it!!!!!!! Words without action is dead!!!!!

Thus I put a plan to drastically turn things around in 1 year….. 3 months in and I have reduced that timeline to 6 months …. I still have a long way to go but so far I am winning.

Let me share with you how I got started …… maybe it will help you as well …… (you can thank me later lol)…..

So after “the shock horror” life changing event happened … I sat down and asked myself this question …. what are the keystone habits in happy, healthy, and productive people?…….. this question helped me set out a “habit” plan which I have started …. the ideal/goal is to use these habits to improve my wealth , health , and happiness …. thus I am sharing with you some of them :


    Research A New Project or Income Stream

New investment opportunities or revenue streams don’t just happen, and they often take a lot of mental bandwidth to get started. So instead of procrastinating …. START doing something to get it πŸ˜‹….. here are some questions that helped me start

  • How much time will this realistically take on an ongoing basis?
  • What equipment is required to get started?
  • How much money do I need to invest?
  • Does the type of business match my personality and interests?
    Could this scale into a full-time income


    Follow an Evening Shutdown Routine

β€œYou need a really definite end to your work day,” … this I tell myself everyday lol …. this area is still a work in progress loll

    Practice Mindfulness

Do you even meditate, bro/ sis?

Mindfulness means different things to different people, but incorporating a mindfulness practice into your daily routine …… this for me is the best habit to master ….. so join me …. to meditate meditate ….. meditate !!!!

exercising…… taking long walks … going to the gym …..also helps with this as well



Smile more ……. be happy ….. have fun….. go on short breaks (one you can afford 😘)….. ..there is evidence that positive emotions and enjoyment of life contribute to better health and a longer lifespan. “Happiness is a magic bullet….

Your Turn

What do you think of these habits? Let me know in the comment section below

Have a fabulous day my loveliesπŸ’‹πŸ’‹

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