My confession: my side of the story

So today I woke up thinking ……..What sort of mother must I be to leave the house this earlyyyy….without my babies attached to me? ……. plus I look a hot mess with a headscarf on looking like a ……….. lolll ……can’t even say the word….. chia mamieeeee you were once a a babe ooo ……

exhibit 1….. (see picture below) yes I am not happy about my morning glam look but this is my reality lollll

once the feeling of sadness had settled ….I welcome the next emotion with open arms, PRIDE. I am so proud of what I have achieved in both my family and professional life. The sense that I am setting a positive example and being a role model for my kids is very empowering and motivating.

An average day in my life starts at around 4am…. where I try to organise my day and my businesses before i set out for work.

I always arrive at work with a smile on my face, and humour in bucket loads, ready for the day ahead. I love my job and the people I work with, which is a massive help and support for me. Also I enjoy the novelty of being able to enjoy a hot drink or even, dare I say, go to the toilet alone!

I leave the office at 17.30…. some days 18.00…. someday later depending on my work lord to join the rat race and start my journey home.

I believe that there is this myth that once you have children, you have to compromise on your big career dreams or you’re forced to settle for something that gives you a fake sense of safety and stability.

I used to look at other successful women who seemed to have it all and also looked amazing while managing it all – children, families, businesses and would ask myself

“How do they do it? What do they have that I don’t?”

In my head I thought……. maybe she is special, she’s got the money, or she’s got the help…!” anything that convinced me that she is better in some way. 

But the reality is that …. she is not special…

She just TOOK ACTION, bucket loads of action and made it happen for her!

She decided that she wanted to do something special FOR HERSELF and she did it. Despite the fears, the lack of self-belief, the struggles and challenges……..

Just like I am doing ….

And just like you CAN too!

I am a mum, an entrepreneur and (trying to be ) a digital marketing strategist who is in love with photography. … check out my website Dstudioinc photography or my personal Instagram page Mamie Eze

I believe that every woman, regardless of what stage she is in her life, her background or experience, can take the steps needed to make a difference in her life.

I strongly believe that if I can do it, then so can you….. so what are you waiting for ….. get up and RIDE that wave ……

On that note I say farewell and as I normally say …. have a fabulous week xoxoxo

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