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I am fighting for my marriage!!!!

Hey there my lovelies.......Now that I have got your attention with the blog title loll 👀👀😋😳🤗..... let's get into the topic of marriage. I am sure you clicked to read this blog post either because you are searching for a solution on what to do to save your marriage or want to hear gist on… Continue reading I am fighting for my marriage!!!!


He brightens up my day

He loves you ... they say Even in the cold light of day But why do you love me ...I say *his reply*... You are my child every night and every day*Me thinking* maybe it is because ...I Pray I obey and try not to stay faraway Yet I still feel down in dismay And… Continue reading He brightens up my day


Love on the underground

His hands firmly locked into hers as they rushed to get on the next train. The departure board reads.. Next train to stanmore .... 1 minute...... He tighten his grip ... Pulling her to walk faster.... She looks at him with eyes saying .... Baby we ain't gonna make it on time... He stares back… Continue reading Love on the underground