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I am fighting for my marriage!!!!

Hey there my lovelies.......Now that I have got your attention with the blog title loll 👀👀😋😳🤗..... let's get into the topic of marriage. I am sure you clicked to read this blog post either because you are searching for a solution on what to do to save your marriage or want to hear gist on… Continue reading I am fighting for my marriage!!!!


Why do we Cry!!!!

It starts with a quivering lip. Or maybe blinking faster and faster to keep the wetness from escaping. Before you know it, you're getting teary -- again. Then the outburst comes.... With a loud  wailing sound ...... Owhaaaa.... Owhaaaa!!!!Heheheeh I amaze myself sometimes on how easily and often I cry. Happy tears, sad tears, over-the-top… Continue reading Why do we Cry!!!!


I love him so much!!!

*Running erratically with arms stretched out wide* happy new year bloggie woggie.... I promise to be your bestie this year... It has been declared it will be our year of open doors baby!!!! Whoop whoop!!!! ( Ps. Don't be alarmed I do treat my blog as a person thus why we have our little chit… Continue reading I love him so much!!!


Is it GOD’s choice— or what you consider a GOOD choice?

  Hey hey peopleeeee * saying it with the E emphasised*loll.. How y’all doing... I know I am doing great and I am sure you are on top as well... I am quite impressed with myself I must say..... all because it seems like my BLOG and I ..have become best mates... loll.. I have… Continue reading Is it GOD’s choice— or what you consider a GOOD choice?